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​This level is designed with the beginner in mind - we welcome complete newbies as well as people who have tried surfing on their own for a while and still need help. We will walk you through all the basics and get you started catching waves!

Participants will become aware of Mother Nature and learn about ocean wave breaks, ocean conditions, safety in and out of the water, wave etiquette, paddling, push up and pop up techniques, as well as riding waves, balancing and control the board. All students will start out in a shallow areas riding the whitewater until they are comfortable with venturing further out.​​onto bigger waves.

​You are welcome to join us for just a day or two although we recommend that the beginner with a true desire to learn commits to 4 or 8 surfing lessons so that you can progress rapidly.



"The best surfer is the one having the most fun!"





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