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Advanced Surf Lessons are designed for those who want to take surfing to the next level. Before you take Advanced Surfing Lessons, it is recommended you have completed our Intermediate course or have been surfing consistently on your own for at least 6-12 months.​ With Advanced Surfing Lessons you will get the true surf experience  with one of our head instructors. 


The day begins by checking a few local breaks.​ Surf spot selection is taught by our head instructors, taking into account swell models, tide data, and personal observations. You WILL learn how to decide when and where EXACTLY the best waves will be.

Once out in the water our experienced instructors will help you "tackle the line-up" and catch waves in any situation. Your surfing will progress from "riding to ripping" as we delve into key surfing maneuvers such as bottom-turn, top-turn, and cutback. With personal instruction and the opportunity to surf top spots with expert local surfers, this is an experience you will fin


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